Photo Solutions to establish peace in the world

Solutions to establish peace in the world

On a global scale, peace is an important and fragile topic to talk. Every country in the entire globe must find a way to maintain peace; aside from that, the threats for preserving peace are increasing in numbers nowadays. As far as we talk about peace, our way of thinking and our behaviors must change. It is important that they act for stillness.

Prem Rawat, an ambassador advocated for peace, operates by sending peace messages through the whole world in order to convince each nation to behave peacefully. Moreover, he has created a foundation titled Prem Rawat TPRF performing several humanitarian actions.

What are then the solutions to maintain peace in the globe?

Reinforce security

Safety is somewhat the meaning of peace, as it is its main basis. To build peace, it is important that we have society, foundation or a safety association. Hence, strategies must be perfect so that security will be launched.

One must stop crimes and terrorist attacks of all kinds. By the way, measures must be radical to reinforce safety. Security forces must perform carefully their roles and the government must do its best to prevent any mass troubles.

Transform peace agreement between different countries into engagement

Thanks to the launched policies and systems after the World War II, global relationship between states in the world has clearly evolved. In fact, different agreements have been signed because of this relation, and among those agreements is a peace accord.

But in order to maintain and promote global tranquility, it is mandatory that those agreements be switched into engagement ensuring each country recognizes o be responsible for the threat for the global peace. In that case, this contract must stipulate every country's actions to do and the punishments for those who are willing to offend pact and any essential settings.

Reduce the use of weapons

During the peace summit that has taken place in the story of the universe, suggestions and deals on the use of weapons was among the highest in terms of numbers. This one is the main cause for the outbreak of the war on an international level.

Among those contracts, one of them is aimed to the general disarmament of all countries in the world and the creation of an only one United Nations Forces for peace.

But it was not enough. It is to be said that we must reduce the use of weapons and use it back to fight against terrorists and crimes.

Start by having priorities to act for peace

To live a sustainable peaceful life, some conditions must be fulfilled. It is mandatory that all of the people live safely, that the entire fundamental needs be ensured and most importantly that the human rights be respected one by one. Whatever the actions for peace, we must start by putting priorities.

Peace is not built for a world where war does not exist; it is for a life where the risk to a possible war is high. Actually, we must perform a general diagnosis to define the real priorities.

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