Photo Security, a factor for peace?

Security, a factor for peace?

Security, a factor for peace?

There are several factors leading to harmonious life in the society. Security is among those factors. But is it possible to do without security when it comes to peace talks? Peace will never be established in a world where unsafety prevails. That is why peacekeeping actions are undertaken, and to promote it, it is primordial to talk about security.

Prem Rawat, who is an ambassador of peace, highlights in his messages for peace, that peace establishment depends on each individual. Moreover, peace must be won; it cannot just happen. In order to give security its value in the society, he carries out humanitarian actions through his foundation which is called Prem Rawat TPRF.

Is security a factor for peace?

Security dissolves trouble

Without security, people will certainly live a troubled, unstable life. Security, therefore, is the only way to ensure a serene, pleasant life in the society. How will it be possible to establish peace, if the world we live in is completely insecure and full of violence? If security is reinforced, people will be able to gradually nurture a hope for peace. Moreover, if the society we live in, or the company we work for, is safe, all the troubles will be totally dissolved at no time at all. 

Security, a synonym for stability

A stable society is a society in which there is balance at all levels, especially, at the social, political, economic and financial levels. Thus, in order to make peace reign, it is essential to make sure that such a balance be established in the world we live in. To achieve this, it is crucial that we be ready to cope with any threats which may arise concerning all the aspects of life in society.

At the social level, it is vital that the basic needs of the population be secured and satisfied. At the political level, the system to be adopted must conform with the people's choice, but also with the opportunities. At the economic and financial levels, it is crucial to make sure that the decisions which have been taken, together with the strategies which have been implemented, help respect human rights and aim at promoting the well-being of the population.

At every angle, it is important that the strategies enhance the security of the population at all levels, in order to promote peace.

Security, a foundation of peace

Basically, a peaceful world can be similar to a world in which security reigns. In fact, researchers and theorists affirm that a peaceful world is a world in which there is no conflict at all. In this case, the first thing to do is to establish an adequate security system, which corresponds to the needs of the society.

As a foundation of peace, security should become the main preoccupation of both each country and international community, therefore, a meticulous study concerning the peace process should be conducted. The security measures to be taken should focus on sustainable peace.

Even though the use of force can be considered as a means to restore public order; it may also lead to turmoil. Therefore, it is necessary to crack down on the problem using other kinds of measures so that security be established without resorting to the use of force.

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